Photo by Erik Saez

Photo by Darin Perron



Michael Eldon Lobsinger (or MEL, as some fans/fellow filmmakers call him), has worked on over 500+ film shoots (and counting) as a production manager, director and cameraman, ranging from independent films, short films, student films, documentaries, commercials, infomercials, music videos, movie trailers, Tv (cooking) shows, construction site video verification projects, dance events, horse training shows and reality shows.


MELs film life started late in life back in February 2007 when, at 46 years old, he decided to drop a corporate job after 25 years to jump into his passion for filmmaking. He is one of the most energetic, fast paced, passionate filmmakers in the business and makes every attempt to make a project more creative than anticipated.


Early on he has worked as a utility crewman and camera assistant for The Golf Channel with a company out of Pittsburgh (NEP) for a live tournament in Port Saint Lucie, FL. He's flown to Mexico, L.A., Chicago, Washington D.C. and Las Vegas for camerawork filming interviews and conventions for The Medical Tourism Association under Digital Motion Studios.


He not only has a creative eye through the camera lens but he's also a very creative night owl editor. He has logged in countless hours in the edit suite editing his own projects which include award winning independent short films. He edits with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.


Other experiences include working as the production manager (line producer) and teacher/mentor at Former Palm Beach and Miami Film Schools from 2007-2011 and was hired to be the 'hand-held' camera operator for a modeling reality show filmed in South Miami, FL back in 2011.


Michael has written 3 short films, directed and edited 10 major films projects (4 shorts, 3 music videos & 3 documentaries) in which 4 of these films have won awards at film festivals including a Co-winner for Best Documentary at the Treasure Coast International Film Festival in 2011.


He completed a three year writing spree from May 2010 to May 2013 and finished his first feature script; a 120-page screenplay called 'Carseat & Stationwagon' and is in need of financial investors before proceeding with film production. "Once I get in a position to be able to fund this film, then I'll shoot it", Michael says. "I know a lot of major successful film projects that had it's ups and downs with unforseen obstacles and believe me, this one's no different. But, at the right time, the right funding, this film will be made and I know I'll be happy with it. I believe that anyone attempting to make a film with integrity has to understand one thing; 'your film is the best that it can be at the time of your life that you made it.'"


MEL has been on 14 to 19 hour film production days on average, some lingering into the early morning hours and he never throws in the towel no matter how difficult the production may get. His goal is to have a very satisfied client, student and/or fellow filmmaker when it's all finally wrapped. His goal is to work as a director or director of photography and/or cameraman for projects where creativity and thinking outside the box is always an option.


"If a job involves a camera and some cool imagination, I'm in," he says.


He was a production manager at the International Academy of Film & Television in Hollywood, fl (Sept 2012 to May 2013). "There is nothing like sharing your crazy film experiences to new film students," MEL says. "I was inspired by people like Jim York, Dr. Herb Sennett and many others, including, Hollywood icons like Eastwood, Spielberg, Darabont, Burton & The Cohen Bros, so, I really love to pass all that inspiration along to passionate new filmmakers. I really think sometimes, that I'm more excited about the student film projects then they are. I keep things very simple and sometimes all over the place, so, if they can handle my ADHD, then we're golden," laughs MEL.