Director Michael Eldon Lobsinger released his third directorial effort, a short film called 'Interfearence' in 2009. The film is about a man who kills abusive people so that the victims can live out their planned destinies. The story surrounds an isolated incident in which Luke Trevors (LOBSINGER) stumbles across accidentally. Lobsinger stars in the film along with Alicia Perkins, Alex Teixeira, Dylan Fernandez, David D'Onofrio and Carole Wood.

'Interfearence' won the FLORIDA'S CHOICE AWARD at the Treasure Coast International Film Festival in 2010. The film was also an official selection at the 2010 Delray Beach International Film Festival.



The director of photography for the project was Darin Perron, who also was the DP for Lobsingers' debut film, 'Miss Fyer' (2007) and his second effort, a music video by the former band, Godwired, called 'Falling' (2008). 'Interfearence' had a five (5) day production schedule which took 8 months to complete due to scheduling conflicts with the crew.


"the napkin notes of the story began back in November of 2007", Lobsinger explains. "I was sitting at my dining room table at the house and as the sun was setting, I continued to sit in silence in the dark. I had already lit a candle and as it got darker I  fell into what became the Luke Trevors character. It was that fast. I began speaking off the top of my head doing some improve, which I suck at." Lobsinger laughs. "But, by the time a half an hour went by or longer, the beginning of 'Interfearence' was born. I blew out the candle, put my napkin notes in a drawer until around February of 2008 when I finally decided to develop the story. Production on the script didn't start til November of that year and last day of filming was like 8 months later somewhere in July. That's what happens when you're a filmmaker and your crew is all volunteers. You appreciate the hard work and talent from your crew, but if they're not getting paid, you have to respect their schedules & jobs. We had quite a few challenges but what film doesn't."