Darktooth Films


After reconnecting with a long time theatre friend, John Zambito, who was sporting a huge beard at the time, MEL decided to write a short drama screenplay so that the two could work together again. After many challenges and obstacles before and during the production of this film, it had it's premiere screening at the Lake Worth Playhouse in Lake Worth, Fl on December 11, 2016. The majority of the movie was filmed just outside the theatre doors in a 5 foot narrow alleyway. Zambito and Lobsinger also performed on stage at the LWPH back when they met in 2002/2003 with the play 'Schmulnik's Waltz.'


'Rotten Mangos' is MEL's 10th major film project and took almost three years to make, including almost one year in post production doing ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) work after the laptop that contained all the audio files, were stolen.




"GALOSHES" (2015)

Writer/Director Catherine Windecker's debut short film, 'Galoshes' was the second film that I Co-Directed. It's a story about a struggling painter wanting to sell his art to the world. It was filmed at Harold's Coffee Lounge in  North Palm Beach, Fl.  Windecker wrote the film based on artist Bobby Gugliuzza. There is talk of a sequel to the film from the director hopefully to be produced and released 2017. 'Galoshes: The Waterpoof Overshoe Protecting Your Walk of Life,'  was an Official Selection for the 2016 Voices of Local Film at the Palm Beach International Film Festival.





A trailer for 'Dhivaan's Dream', a documentary produced, directed and edited by Michael Eldon Lobsinger. An inspiring story about a young boy from South Africa who was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and has huge aspirations in becoming a filmmaker/screenwriter. With love and support from his family, along with courage and difficult hurdles for Dhivaan himself (who has a vision as big as Walt Disney), comes this heart warming documentary that should encourage any parent that has a child on the spectrum of autism to 'leave no stone unturned' in making way for their goals and dreams to come true.


Winner of an Audience Appreciation Award at RED SHORTS Film Festival and also an Official Selection for the 2013 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival and The 2013 Treasure Coast International Film Festival in Port Saint Lucie, Fl.


This music video was the first collaboration between singer, songwriter and artist Bobby Gugliuzza and writer, director Michael Eldon Lobsinger. The project began in summer of 2013. The two met back in 2007/2008 on one of Bobby's projects but soon the two went different ways to achieve other goals until Producers Thomas Streifel & Rachael Streifel of World Shaker Management got the two back together again to see if they could work on a music video project for one of Bobby's songs. On July 31, 2013, the two reconnected and the energy level between them could have set off a rocket into space. Production took three full days at a private location in Indiantown, Fl, and the video had a cast of 10.


On December 14, 2013,  'Mustard Seed' was Premiered at the Mos'Art Theatre (now the Kelsey Theatre) in North Palm Beach. The evening was a huge success and the audience also got to view the 'behind the scenes documentary, 'Planting The Seed' (The Making Of Mustard Seed). The music video was Officially Selected for the 2014 RED SHORTS Film Festival in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and for the 2014 L-Dub Film Festival in Lake Worth, FL.




This is what I called a 'music video documentary short film.'  The concept began when I was invited to film the recording of a new song that Bobby was writing called, 'She'll Be Ok'. Once I saw the difficulties that Bobby and good friend/musician Paul Granato were going through while trying to produce and record the song, the idea of another documentary was forming in my head. And I felt it was an important one to make especially for non-artist to view and understand the hardships these independent artists go through to bring music entertainment to their audiences.


It's basically about the struggles that artist have in the studio without the funding available for the hiring of an engineer and producer to record their song(s). The documentary included the music video for the song which won BEST MUSIC VIDEO at the 2015 L-Dub Film Festival in Lake Worth, FL.





Singer/songwriter Amanda Sofia and Director Michael Eldon Lobsinger have performed on stage many times over the years from being in a few bands. When Amanda decided to write her own music, 'Buried Traces' was created. Once Lobsinger heard the song for the first time, he immediately wanted this song to have a music video. So, for the first time, Lobsinger collaborated and Co-directed this project with his good friend Jack Mendes (Amanda's uncle) of JVM Video Productions. Starring Amanda Sofia and Dylan Fernanadez. The video was also co-edited by Jack Mendes and M.E.L.


Executive Producer Jim York of the Palm Beach Film School and Director Michael Eldon Lobsinger presents a musical documentary about singer/composer Tommy Mitchell as he follows a dream and his father's footsteps in arranging a live concert with a 12 piece band with artists that have performed with Blood, Sweat & Tears, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Gloria Estefan, Jon Secada and more!


Co-Winner for BEST DOCUMENTARY at the 2011 Treasure Coast International Film Festival. Also Officail Selection for the Downtown Boca Film Festival 2011.


Trailer from Director Michael Eldon Lobsinger's second short film, "Interfearence". A man kills abusive people to set the victims free, so that each one can live out their planned destiny. The story surrounds an incident that the man comes across accidentally. The 40 minute short was written, directed and edited by Lobsinger. Also stars, Alicia Perkins, Dylan Fernandez, Alex Teixeira, David D'Onofrio and Carole Wood. Director of Photography Darin Perron of Digital Motion Studios.


Winner of Florida's Choice Award at the 2010 Treasure Coast International Film Festival. Also was an Official Selection at The Delray Beach Film Festival.

"FALLING "(2008)

A music video from director Michael Eldon Lobsinger. A song performed by Godwired from their 2007 debut CD, 'Divine Intervention'. The song was Written by Aerik Nagel (Lead Guitarist). Other members are Joey Sofia (Bass), Michael Eldon Lobsinger (Guitar),  Amanda Sofia (Vocals) and Brian Biesiadecki (Drums). Directed and Edited by Michael Eldon Lobsinger. Director of Photography Darin Perron.

"MISS FYER" (2007)

The Trailer to Director Michael Eldon Lobsinger's debut short film, "Miss Fyer" (2007). Written, Directed and Edited by Lobsinger. Premiered September 25, 2007. Also starring Carole Wood. Director of Photography, Darin Perron of Digital Motion Studios.


Winner of two awards at the Rochester International Short Film Festival (Best Audio & Best Female Actress, Carole Wood). Also, nominated for Florida's Choice Award in 2008 at The Treasure Coast International Film Festival. Official selection at the Delray Beach Film Festival (2008).