In 2012, I had the pleasure of releasing my sixth film, 'Dhivaan's Dream', (my second documentary film). This is a very heartwarming story about a young boy with Asperger Syndrome who has huge aspirations of becoming a film director. The first day Dhivaan and I met, I knew there was a special connection between the two of us. I think we were both a bit nervous about meeting each other, or at least I know I was. But after the first day of class, I really enjoyed our conversations which were minimal but sincere. And I really admired his efforts and desire to learn filmmaking.

There was something so intriguing about this young student that I immediately felt the urge to set up other cameras and begin shooting 'behind the scenes' footage' just in case something developed  from our experiences. Then it became quite clear to me on our second encounter why I wanted to film our sessions and to possibly begin another documentary. There is something that needs to be said when parents of a child with special needs put 150 percent into supporting their child's goals and dreams and encourages them honestly with huge love and compassion. The goal of this film is to hopefully inspire many other parents or guardians of children with Aspergers or any other special needs to encourage and inspire them as much as they can as you may never know the amazing talent that can be opened up and achieved if you allow them the chance to experiment, learn and develop skills of their deepest interests.

The film was officially selected for the 2012 RED SHORTS film festival in Ft. Lauderdale, FL where it won an 'Audience Appreciation Award' and was also officially selected and screened at the 2012 FT. LAUDERDALE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and the 2013 TREASURE COAST INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. I must give special thanks to Executive Producer Jim York and Producers and proud parents, Vikash and Vasi Salig, for allowing me to film this heartwarming story. What made this film real and complete was the 'glue', (as I call it) of information from Psychologist Mary Anne Richey, M.Ed., who explains in great detail of exactly what Asperger Syndrome is. I personally spent three hours researching Aspergers at a Barnes and Noble a week before interviewing Mary Anne and it was quite an eye opener for me. Also, interviewing Dhivaan's Visual Arts Teacher, Cheryl Scott, who filled us in on Dhivaans school activities and interaction was a huge plus. Now the film is here on my website for you to view in it's entirety and to hopefully share on Facebook or where ever you'd think it'd be beneficial to anyone who may need a little inspiration. This was an amazing experience for me.  -MEL